6 Gift Ideas For Women Who Have Everything

We all know someone who seems to have everything—the latest clothes, the best gadgets, the newest beauty products—but what do you do when the holidays roll around? What do you get for someone who has everything they could ever want?

We get it—there are just some women who are difficult to shop for, whether it’s because they do so much retail therapy themselves already or they just seem to have already planned every single detail of their wardrobe, home decor, and more. This is why we’ve painstakingly pored over the internet to find gifts that we’re pretty sure even the ladies who have it all will be pleasantly surprised by. 

So, what does one get for the woman who seemingly has everything? 

We’ll tell you.  

What Do You Get The Woman Who Has Everything?

When it comes to tracking down unique gifts for the woman who has everything, you’ve got to think outside the box a little bit. Think of things she’d enjoy but wouldn’t be likely to buy herself or already have. Here are some amazing gift ideas you can try:

1. All The Eyeshadow She Could Ever Want

Even the girl who has it all could use a little more eyeshadow to mix up her makeup routine—trust us on this one. But with literally thousands of options available on the market, it can be a little challenging to pick an eyeshadow palette that is as beautifully unique as your special lady. Thank goodness for the Gilded Eyeshadow Palettes from Milani! With this stunning collection, she can create countless eye looks, both glam and subtle to match everything - including a gorgeous wedding dress.

2019 was all about the lips, but due to the pandemic and having to cover the lower halves of our faces with masks, eyeshadow is a huge hit this year with fun makeup looks trending like shimmery smokey eyes and extreme color blocking. Any lady would fall head over heels in love to receive such a diverse eyeshadow palette from Milani. 


2. Add A Juicy Touch To Her Makeup Routine

Add some fun to her makeup with this deliciously stunning Fruit Fetish Collection Bundle. Featuring a fruitastic assortment of juicy lip balms, vibrant eyeliners, and fruity-licious setting sprays, this sweet collection will make her feel like one in a melon! Sure, it may be the winter, but that doesn’t mean she can’t add some brightness to her look. 

3. Make Her Look Last

Even the woman who has everything needs to make sure that her makeup—which took her hours to perfect—stays put. This versatile Prime + Set + Protect SPF 30 Duo does it all; the primer and setting spray will lock everything in place, while the SPF will keep her safe from the harmful UV rays while she’s out and about during the day. And the best part? It’s effortless to apply! 

Simply squeeze the makeup primer with SPF into your palm and use your fingers to massage it into your skin. Cover your entire face, paying special attention to your forehead, cheeks, and nose. Once the primer is dry, apply your makeup. 

Once you’ve completed your look, shake the setting spray bottle, and with your eyes closed, mist your face, holding the bottle 10-12 inches away. Let it dry for 10-15 seconds, and your makeup is now primed, set, and ready to take on the day.

Any woman would be more than pleased to receive such a thoughtful gift to help keep her makeup looking on point!

4. Help Her Go Glam, But Keep It Subtle

Sometimes, it can be really challenging to go glam while keeping it subtle. Help her find a perfect balance with the Most Wanted Eyeshadow Palette from Milani, featuring a gorgeous, curated assortment of six velvety smooth, hyper-pigmented shades, with buttery mattes and sparkly metallics for countless looks. 

This kit is perfect for creating that soft glam look for when she wants to keep it subtle while still packing a big punch! Even if she’s a makeup guru, this will definitely simplify getting ready when she’s trying to run out the door. 

5. If She Prefers Skincare

It goes without saying that skincare is important! For the woman who has everything that is proud of her glowing complexion, consider gifting her with something special, something unique—something from Milani’s Green Goddess line! 

This entire skincare collection is truly something special. The Green Goddess Glow Oil helps to soothe stressed-out skin while locking in hydration. This fast-absorbing, multi-use oil works with all skin types to deliver exceptionally radiant skin and is perfect to use as the first step in makeup prep.

We also love the Green Goddess, Transforming Lip Balm to hydrate dry lips. This nourishing formula goes on green and shifts to create your perfect pink shade. You can wear this lightweight, super-comfortable formula alone or layer it with your favorite lip shade to soften, condition, and soothe your lips. 

Both of these products are infused with essential fatty acid-rich, organic Cannabis Sativa Oil for ultimate hydration. Additionally, like all of the amazing products found at Milani, the Green Goddess Skincare Line is entirely vegan and cruelty-free

With Milani’s Green Goddess line, you can help her to take care of her gorgeous skin to keep her complexion glowing all year round. 

6. Give The Gift Of Luscious Lips

Help her pout pop with a swipe of glam lipstick! We can’t get enough of the Color Fetish Shine Lipstick Collection PR Kit with twelve ultra-moisturizing, balm-like lipsticks with an 85% blend of nourishing oils that glide so effortlessly onto the lips for a lustrous pop of color. The oh-so-creamy, hydrating formula wears like a lipstick but will melt onto her lips like her favorite balm. 

Want to really impress her this holiday season? In addition to this gorgeous lipstick collection, surprise her with a hydrating Rose Sugar Lip Scrub that will help to instantly reveal a softer and more kissable pout. This natural sugar crystal-based formula gently exfoliates and polishes dry and chapped areas for ultra-soft, smooth lips, leaving them perfectly primed for long-wear lip application. 

6. The Tools She Needs To Work With

Maybe the woman who has everything already has all the makeup in the world but doesn’t have the right tools to apply it with—you can fix that by gifting her with The Jetset Eye Brush Kit from Milani

This three-piece travel set features a stylish crease brush, an all-over eyeshadow brush, and a smart smudge brush, perfect for professional precision. From smokey eyes to cat eyes and everything in between, these tools will be everything she needs to create a look that is nothing less than dazzling. 

The Woman Who Has Everything Will Appreciate Everything

When she already has everything that she could possibly want and need, the real challenge doesn’t necessarily lie in selecting the perfect item, but rather in finding a way to show your love and appreciation. After all, if it’s the thought that counts, then putting extra consideration into gifts that show you care is much more valuable than the priciest present. So as long as you’re putting in the effort to find something that she’d like, she’s sure to appreciate it. 

And if you’re still feeling a little stuck or overwhelmed, surprise her with a little something from Milani Cosmetics. With a mission to deliver prestige quality products at affordable prices that fit the needs of every beautiful skin tone, look, and attitude, a surprise from Milani is a sweet gift that won’t only make her day but will be something that she won’t ever forget—guaranteed.  


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