Isabela Alvarez

Isabela Alvarez, also known as "Isaboleta," is an artist from Venezuela. With a passion for fashion illustration, she draws inspiration from female figures, interior design, nature, and haute couture photography. Her goal is to immerse viewers in the world of fashion, conveying emotions & stories through vibrant colors & intricate details. Isaboleta is a regular illustrative contributor to Vogue Mexico & Latin America and has done collaborations with Chanel, Marc Jacobs & others. 

Dia Pacheco

Dia Pacheco is a graphic designer turned freelance illustrator originally from Chihuahua, now based in Mérida, Mexico. Her work blends traditional & contemporary Mexican culture, covering themes like traditional Mexican witchcraft (Magia Morena), everyday life, personal interests & social movements. Her notable work includes collaborations with brands including Target, The New Yorker, Google & Meta, among others.

Con Ganas Collective

Estefania Chavarria is an illustrator, graphic designer and founder of the online retail store, Con Ganas Collective. Her creative journey began with a love of photography and evolved as she grew as a multimedia illustrator & graphic designer. With her Guatemalan roots influencing her artistic voice she strives to motivate others to pursue their dreams, believing that determination can make anything possible.

Adolfo Correa

Adolfo Correa is a multimedia artist & designer originally from Santiago de Chile, who thrives on pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling and imagination. He draws inspiration from his diverse experiences while living in different countries & his work is enriched by the wealth of visual cultures. He’s collaborated with brands like Nike, Adidas, Corona & Mercedes-Benz.