Gilded Mini Eyeshadow Palette

Good things come in small packages. Just ask anyone who has pulled out quality makeup from their Christmas stockings. It could be the start of a beautiful relationship with their new favorite lipstick, blush or mascara — and they'll have you to thank.

Makeup is a classic beauty stocking stuffer because it's versatile, popular and each person who uses it gets a custom look without even trying. Whether you need a few last-minute gifts to top off an already full stocking or you're kicking off a gift collection for a friend at work, there's something that's bound to be perfect.

Let's look at Milani's glorious choice of stocking stuffers to prove that some of the very best things come in smaller (and very colorful) packages.

Color Fetish Matte Lipstick

If you're looking for a makeup stocking stuffer that's sure to make a statement, why not choose Milani's Color Fetish Matte Lipstick? It's ultra-creamy, so it glides smoothly across the lips, and its velvety matte finish is sure to draw glances and questions like "What's your lipstick?" It's the answer for that person who has swatched countless lipsticks on their hand and spent hours before a screen "trying on" shades virtually.

It's a pigment-rich lipstick in multiple shades that beautifully complement any skin tone. Fever's bright red hue contrasts strikingly with cool and neutral skin tones, while Tease's beige nude tint looks classy and professional against warm and olive skin tones. For darker skin, Dahlia's rich yet warm plum hue accentuates lips with a similar shade and could become your loved one's go-to nude. 

Milani's formula also means its lipsticks last longer than you might think, and the addition of comforting Hyaluronic Acid keeps them smooth and soft. Just imagine how the person you have in mind will feel when they reach in and find a makeup stocking stuffer like Milani's Color Matte Lipstick. They'll only need to glide it once across their lips to feel empowered, confident and even more beautiful.

Baked Blush

Milani's reputation for innovation without compromise is possibly best illustrated by its Baked Blush line. Unlike powder-based blush, Baked Blush is cream that's been laid on terra cotta tiles and baked under the hot Italian sun. This produces a fine, soft and velvety texture that feels as luxurious as it looks, making it one of the best makeup stocking stuffers around.

The container is a sumptuous shade of gold with a clear glass window to display the richly-pigmented color of the blush inside. Maybe you should choose a shade you haven't seen them wear, but you think will blend beautifully with their skin tone. The second compartment holds the soft brush they'll use to create a new look you know will work for them.

Baked Blush is one of Milani's best sellers because it's so buildable, making it easier to create the right look with more precision. The range of peach and pink satin and shimmery shades suits all skin types and attitudes, allowing them to contour their face perfectly. They'll also appreciate that the blush is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, making it a particularly ideal stocking stuffer for friends who deeply love animals.

Highly Rated Diamond Lip Gloss

Christmas isn't Christmas without some shine, and what's more festive than something dazzling — like Milani's Highly Rated Diamond Lip Gloss? Trends come and go, and even lip gloss has had to take a back seat sometimes — but not now... because glossy lips are back in vogue. It's a safe bet the person you have in mind for beauty stocking stuffers has already thought about picking up a lip gloss or two.

Milani's Highly Rated Diamond Lip Gloss is ultra-clear, creating a glassy texture across the lips that shines so bright it could almost create a reflection. The doe-foot applicator easily applies the non-sticky formula,  and it's vegan-friendly and almost weightless, so only compliments from admirers will remind them it's on. Milani's blend of hyaluronic acid and moisturizing elements help nourish the lips, and the combination of all these features creates the illusion of volume.

It's one of the best makeup stocking stuffers because it's chic, oozes quality, looks amazing and has a price just right for a small gift. And, like all Milani products, it's not tested on animals by the brand or those who produce its outstanding range of beauty stocking stuffers. You and the person you have in mind for this gift can feel confident about that.

Travel Size Highly Rated 10-In-1 Volume Mascara

If you're after a stocking stuffer for someone on the go, Milani's Travel Size Highly Rated 10-in-1 Volume Mascara is ideal. It delivers just the right amount of volume for long lashes, it's long-lasting and the mini size means it can be tucked away almost anywhere. With one stroke, they'll lift their lashes heavenwards and paint them a dramatic black, and each lash will be deliciously defined.

The mascara's plant-based formula prevents smudging, clumping and flaking, so your special friend or family member will look eye-catching day and night. And why is it the ideal stocking stuffer? Because who doesn't wear black mascara? It's as close to a guaranteed welcome gift as you're ever going to get.

The mascara deserves its place as one of Milani's most popular items because it ticks so many boxes — outstanding performance, low cost and ease of use among them. So, if you're looking for a quality product at an appreciable price that you're sure that special person will love, Milani's Travel Size Highly Rated 10-in-1 Volume Mascara is a safe bet. With Christmas just around the corner, you needn't go further than Milani to find the perfect stocking stuffer for a loved one, friend or acquaintance.