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01 Champagne
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Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper

110 Little Secret
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Keep It Full Maxxx Lip Plumper

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Highly Rated Diamond Lip Gloss

120 Strawberry Lemonade
130 Dragon Fruit Peach
140 Blueberry Acai
150 Kiwi Watermelon
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Fruit Fetish Lip Balm


Supercharged Lip Balm

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200 Gold
210 Silver

Highly Rated Diamond Shimmer Gloss

$8.99 $9.99

"I'm glossy!" Milani lip glosses are all about the gleaming glam -- shine on with our captivating collection. With formulas that reflect like glass and colors that flatter every attitude -- Milani makes the gloss that's on everyone's lips.

Glossy lips are about more than getting that selfie-worthy shine. On the surface, Milani's shiny lip gloss offers captivating color and leaves a brilliant finish. Deeper down, it can keep your lips feeling moisturized, healthy and fresh.

Our moisturizing lip glosses are highly pigmented, plus they glide on smoothly and stay put through whatever you choose to do with your lips. Our Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper is infused with natural peptides and hyaluronic acid to stimulate collagen and give you a fuller, smoother pout. Whether you want glossy lips or layerable shimmery shine -- all you have to do is put Milani makeup where your mouth is.

Read our lips. Milani shimmer lip gloss shines bright like a light -- so your lips stay looking lit.