Vegan Makeup Collection

110 Luster Light
120 She's All That
130 Teen Spirit
140 Fanny Pack
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Ludicrous Lip Gloss

02 Healing Lemon Honey
03 Rejuvenating Peach Mango
06 Revitalizing Grapefruit
08 Nourishing Raspberry

Moisture Lock Oil Infused Lip Treatment

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Cruelty is never captivating. At Milani, we believe that bold beauty should never come at the cost of animal testing. That's why our makeup is 100% cruelty free, as certified by PETA. Always. We never test on animals, and we don't allow others to test on our behalf. 

Looking for vegan cosmetics? We pride ourselves on being friends of those with fin, fur or feathers. Our commitment to using vegan formulas is a foundational element of who we are. All of our vegan makeup is explicitly labeled and lives within Milani's Vegan Beauty makeup collection. Our vegan, cruelty-free makeup collection includes over 50 products that are completely free of any animal-derived ingredients. Plus, our professional makeup brushes are made of high-quality synthetic fibers, so they're vegan-friendly, too. We always strive to be vegan-friendly, and we are committed to using plant-based and synthetic ingredients as much as possible.

Beauty is not just our business -- it's our identity. We believe in protecting beauty as much as we believe in creating it.