Best Way to Apply Blush for Your Face Shape

Blush is an essential part of any makeup routine. It can enhance your complexion and give you a flattering, natural, flushed look. However, simply dabbing it onto your face randomly is one of the most common application mistakes.  

Blush is most effective when it's applied strategically, and the best way to blend it depends on the shape of your face. Learning how to apply blush doesn't have to be complicated. Read on for an easy guide to identify your face shape and get the best results with your blush.  

How to Apply Blush to a Heart-Shaped Face 

Those with heart-shaped faces tend to have a narrow, delicate chin. This chin gives the face its heart-like point at the base. People with this face shape also have prominent cheekbones and often a pointed hairline.  

Blush is essential for those with heart-shaped faces because it keeps the features from appearing too pointy. To soften the face, apply the blush brush or blending sponge in the shape of a "C," starting from the base of the cheekbone and up to the base of the eyebrows. A small bit of blush can also be applied to the center of the forehead for added balance with the chin. 

Since the blush is being applied beyond the cheek area, a light touch is essential to ensure you don't go overboard. Too much blush can make the cheeks more prominent; just add enough to soften the features and blend them with the rest of the face.  

How to Apply Blush to an Oval-Shaped Face 

Oval-shaped faces are vertically balanced and generally proportional. They are usually longer than they are wide and feature a rounded (but still strong) chin and jawline. For those with oval faces, the forehead usually has the widest area and the cheekbones are still relatively prominent.  

To apply blush to your oval-shaped face, start in the center of the cheekbone. From here, bring the applicator towards your earlobe, then up to your temple.  

Makeup for oval face shapes is fairly forgiving. Just use soft strokes to avoid over-applying. Additionally, avoid adding blush beneath your cheekbones, as it may give you a too-flushed appearance, rather than a soft rosy glow.  

How to Apply Blush to a Diamond-Shaped Face 

Diamond-shaped faces are similar to heart-shaped in that they both feature a pointy chin and defined cheekbones. However, diamond face shapes are differentiated by a less angular jawline. Generally, the goal of applying blush to a diamond-shaped face is to highlight the cheekbones without making them appear too pointy.  

In terms of where to apply blush, start in the center of the cheekbones. From here, sweep the applicator out toward your earlobes. This highlights your cheekbones while drawing attention to the lower portion of your face.  

How to Apply Blush to a Rectangular Face 

Rectangular faces are essentially a blend of oval and square shapes. People with this face shape generally have faces that are longer than they are wide. Usually, the forehead, cheeks and jawline will have a similar width.  

To apply blush to this face shape, start at the most prominent part of your cheek. Then, blend the blush softly toward your nose, and in the other direction, toward your temple. Adding a small bit of blush to the sides of your eyebrows can enhance the look and give you a flattering natural flush.  

One pro tip is to always start at the apple of the cheekbone, not higher. Starting too high can over-emphasize your cheekbones, which is unnecessary as they are naturally highlighted by the shape of your face.  

How to Apply Blush to a Square Face 

Unlike those with rectangular faces, square-shaped faces are as long as they are wide. This face shape features a wide hairline, flat sides and a sharp jawline. Generally, the forehead, cheeks and jawline are the same width.  

As for where to apply blush, you'll want to cover the entire cheekbone, from near your nose to the edge of your hairline. Start low on your cheekbones and use soft strokes to avoid oversaturating a single area. Covering the cheekbones will soften the face's sharp angles for a flattering glow.  

How to Apply Blush to a Round Face 

Round faces are generally short with softer features. People with round faces usually have curved jawlines that are about the same width as their forehead. Here, the cheekbones are the widest part of the face.  

When it comes to how to apply blush for a round face, smiling is key. While smiling, add blush from the apples of your cheeks down toward your earlobe and up toward the base of your eye. Avoid blending blush toward your nose, as this will make your face look rounder when the goal is to highlight your cheekbones.  

No matter what face shape you have, Milani Cosmetics has the perfect blush for you. Whether you prefer powder, liquid, or cream blushes, shop the collection today.