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The Perfector Duo Blending Sponges


Experience a brush with greatness -- or lots of them! Your look will be fearless and your face will be flawless with Milani's professional-grade makeup brushes. Buff, blush and blend like a pro with our range of face makeup brushes. Whether you need a complete kit or you're seeking a specialized tool, Milani has everything you need to create unlimited looks. From our popular powder puff -- an essential item in your cosmetic bag -- to our precision blending brushes, these pro makeup tools will help you contour, shade and apply shadow like an expert.

Our tools don't judge -- they're perfectly formulated for Milani products, but you can use them with all other types of makeup, too. Our powder brushes are perfect for any type of powder formulation you have -- whether it's eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, bronzer, finishing powder or anything else. Our plush makeup puff is a makeup kit must-have. Milani makeup brushes will help give you captivating coverage, beautiful blendouts and high-wattage highlights. Mix, match and collect them all -- each tool has a unique power to help you unlock your most magnetic makeup look.