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01 Bronze Glow
02 Fake Tan

Bronzer XL

$6.99 $9.99
01 Amber Nectar
02 Hermosa Rose
03 Beauty's Touch

Illuminating Face Powder

$6.99 $9.99

Celestial Highlighting Palette

$15.99 $19.99
01 After Glow
02 Day Glow
03 Sun Glow
04 Glowing
+ 2 More

Strobe Light Liquid Highlighter

01 Sunlight
02 Candle Light
03 Golden Light

Spotlight Face & Eye Strobe Palette

$9.74 $12.99

Stellar Lights Highlighter Palette - Holographic Beams

$9.74 $12.99

Intense Bronze Glow Duo

$30.00 $39.98

Travel Size Strobelight Instant Glow Powder


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Shine a spotlight on your skin -- it's time for a glow up! Milani highlighters and bronzers give you high-wattage glam and lit-from-within luminosity.

Highlighter makeup should look as natural and flattering as great lighting -- Milani highlighters make you look lit. Strobe, glow and throw things into flattering soft focus with our diverse collection of liquid highlighter, powder highlighter compacts and illuminating powder palettes. Pinks, peaches, pearls. Shimmers, glimmers and strobes. Our highlighters come in a wide range of different color undertones and finishes, giving you unlimited options.

Have a hot and cold relationship with the sun? We've got you covered with our bronzer makeup collection. These bronzers give you all the captivating color with none of the rays and wrinkles. Choose from easy-to-apply liquid bronzers and convenient powder bronzer compacts.

Our bronzer and highlighter collection is filled with products that play well together. Reach crazy highs and daring depths when you use Milani face highlighter makeup with our bold bronzers. Our Celestial Highlighting Palette and Silky Matte Bronzing Powder are designed to coordinate and collaborate, giving your skin a warmth that's natural and unmissable. Because no two tans are alike, our bronzers come in a full range of flattering shades, so you'll be sure to find the one that fits.